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Natural Hair Series (#1)

I was finally able to start my natural hair series! The first shoot I did  was with Kashae. Below are some images from the shoot as well as questions that I asked about her hair!

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How long have you been natural?
I only had a perm for about 5 years. I was natural up until age 13, then I decided I wanted to be natural again at age 18. 

What made you go natural? (If you've been natural your whole life, what made you stay that way?)
I missed my natural curls and how healthy my hair was before a perm. 

What's your favorite natural hairstyle?
bantu knots. 

What's the most annoying/hardest thing about your hair?
Wash day! lol. I love my wash and go days  but when I actually go through the whole process of washing, deep conditioning, detangling, and then styling. It's just such a long process.

What's the most annoying comment you've gotten about your hair?
Actually I hate when people ask me why do I wear weaves when i have naturally pretty hair. Who said weave meant you had short or ugly hair? I like taking a break and switching up my hair styles.

Why do you think some women are afraid to "go natural?"
I think some women believe that they wont look as pretty, some don't like their curl pattern or they are afraid of the big chop. But everyone's hair is different and beautiful its own way, it's up to you to embrace it. 


Do you buy your hair products or make your own? What are some of your favorites?
I buy them. some of my favorites are the Shea Moistur: Raw Shea butter line and I also use Miss Jessie's line. 

Have you ever thought about "giving in" and perming your hair?
Yes! In the summer time it is so hard to keep my hair straightened because of the heat, humidity and the rain. But besides that I love my natural hair. 

Is natural hair a trend or lifestyle?
Lifestyle. I'll probably never get another perm again. 

If you could tell the world one thing about natural hair, what would it be?
Love your natural self and natural hair. Natural hair is fun and beautiful and doesn't make you any less attractive. Do not be defined by your hair, love it whether it is short, long, tight curls or loose curls. Take a break from weaves and makeup sometimes and just embrace your natural self. It's awesome. 

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